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  1. Why Spain is having yet another election
  2. Pedro Sanchez - Latest news and updates on the Prime Minister of Spain - Mirror Online

  • Spanish man plotted to kill Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez | News | DW | .
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  • Pedro Sánchez;

However, this solution appears unlikely because of the major differences between the socialists and the independentist parties. The rise of Vox 52 , while remarkable, does not do enough to form a right-wing coalition government as the Citizens' party only got 10 seats.

Why Spain is having yet another election

Adding these to the results of the Popular Party 88 the total would still only be Euronews is no longer accessible on Internet Explorer. That prompted days of sometimes violent protests in Barcelona.

The more radical branches of Catalan separatism did well. But in this campaign it aped those movements by appealing to fear of illegal immigrants claiming welfare benefits even though few actually do. What now? It comes with a previously strong economic recovery losing steam.

Pedro Sanchez - Latest news and updates on the Prime Minister of Spain - Mirror Online

And the conflict in Catalonia remains an open wound, one that also makes coalition-forming much harder. Most of the political leaders recognise that the deadlock must be broken.

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He has only two options. He could try and cobble together a majority among a disparate group of left-wing and nationalist parties. It won 88 seats, 22 more than in April, though Vox curtailed its hopes of a bigger recovery.

But on election night he was prudent and statesmanlike, saying he would wait to hear from the prime minister. It will not be easy for Mr Casado to facilitate a Socialist government, still less agree to a grand coalition as some Spaniards would like. He is constrained by Vox, which may well make more gains if he does that. Much hard bargaining lies ahead. He managed to win just seats, falling well short of the majority needed in the member Chamber of Deputies. Pablo Casado, its leader, called for Mr Sanchez to rethink his ambitions to form a government after the ballot results became clear. He wanted a more governable Spain but now it will be much more difficult to form a government… He should think about his future.

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